Video Tutorial

Now available - my new video tutorial where I talk you through the intricacies of using wills for your English and Welsh research.

First of all I will show you why wills are so useful for your research – not only to flesh out what you already know about your family but to help you verify and expand your family tree. I look at how to use wills from a variety of dates but especially how to approach them in a slightly different way especially for your earlier research projects. Then I will talk you through the practicalities of locating wills – making sure you have looked everywhere you should whether it be online or at the record office.

Finally - don't presume wills aren't for you, just because your ancestors were not well-off! In this podcast I also knock down some popular misconceptions about our ancestors and wills, which may cause many of us to overlook this very important source.

Tutorial Options

The tutorial is available for £12.99 with a downloadable handout or for £9.99 without the handout.

If you wish to show the video to your family history group prior permission is required and there is an extra charge for this. Please contact me with details of your group and the likely number of people attending.